Fourni Korseon is a group of islands, islets and rocks in the eastern Aegean. Their position is west-southwest of Samos and east of Ikaria, between the triangle of the Cape “Domenikos” of Samos, “Lantern” of Ikaria and “Tzouloufi” of Patmos.

The characteristic of these islands is the great coastline of 120 km. Fragmented into countless bays, creeks and fjords, with blue waters, the cluster of Fournoi is ideal anchorage of ships and boats. It is no coincidence that it was the base for pirates since ancient times.

Fournoi is the largest of these islands and it is an excellent destination for those seeking a holiday away from the crowd, and do not want to deprive the Aegean landscape.

Fournoi have an unusually large for their size, fishing fleet, and have developed into one of the largest fishing centers in the Aegean. That is why it definitely worth trying the fresh fish served in the restaurants on the island.