Grand Opening - May 20th
Το Kampi Beach Bar επιστρέφει! Από τις 20 Μαΐου θα σας εξυπηρετήσουμε με τα καλύτερα ποτά, την καλύτερη θέα και την καλύτερη καλοκαιρινή διάθεση!


Fourni Korseon Kampi Beach !

The Korseon Fourni is a group of islands, islets and rocks in the eastern Aegean. Their position is west-southwest of Samos and east of Ikaria, between the triangle of the Cape “Domenikos” Samos, “Lantern” of Ikaria and “Tzouloufi” Patmos.

Great coastline
The feature of these islands is the very long coastline that reaches 120 km.
Countless coves bays
Framed in countless coves and fjords with its blue waters!
They are a wonderful destination
Fournoi is the largest of these islands and is a wonderful destination for those seeking vacations away from the rest of the world, and they do not want to be deprived of the Aegean landscape.


Away from the world, for those who do not want to deprive the Aegean landscape.

Beautiful Landscapes

Fragmented into countless bays and fjords creeks with blue waters.

Large fleet Fishing

Certainly, try the fresh fish served in restaurants on the island.

Korasiae Islands.

In ancient times it was called Korasiae Islands.

22 Shipwrecks

Within 13 days investigation found the bottom 22 ancient shipwrecks of merchant ships.


Fourni Korseon – Kampi Beach!

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Fourni consist of three islands (Fourni, Thymaina, Agios Minas) and 10 islets.